Episode 77: David Tennant, Marine Corps Veteran, Entrepreneur and Founder Crack’em


David Tennant, Marine Corps Veteran Entrepreneur

David Tennant, Marine Corps Veteran & Entrepreneur

David Tennant is the founder of Crack’em. Dave enlisted in the Marines in his early 20s to become an MP. While in MP School,  he was recruited to become a member of HMX-1. HMX-1 is the Marine Corps Helicopter Squadron responsible for flying the President of The United States. Dave then had the opportunity to work for the Commandant of the Marine Corps. After a deployment to Afghanistan, he transitioned out of the Marine Corps.


Dave received his college degree while he was in the Marines. He planned on finding a corporate job, but the only role he could find was as a security guard. He used this role to network his way into a consulting and contracting job. He later went to business school to get his MBA.


Dave developed the idea for Crack’em while in business school at the University of Maryland. The initial idea came when he was trying to make eggs for his pregnant wife. He developed his product using many tools available online. He raised money with a Kickstarter Campaign (he did 2 campaigns, his first was a not successful).


Execution is everything. That’s one great thing about Veteran Entrepreneurs…If we are given a plan we can execute it

At some point you have to put the books down, and stop watching the videos, and get to work…

The Crack’em is available on Amazon.com as well.

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