Episode 56: Jim Pfautz, Navy Veteran, Founder and CEO Self Solutions

Jim Pfautz, Navy Veteran, Founder Self Solutions

Jim Pfautz, Navy Veteran, Founder Self Solutions

Jim Pfautz is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Self Solutions. His company has developed “software solutions to optimize human performance in order to increase profits, decrease risk, and produce happier employees.”

Jim’s father was an Air Force officer and he lived across the country as a child. Jim attended the United States Naval Academy and was commissioned into the United States Navy. He served as a Surface Warfare Officer, Special Warfare Officer, and then taught at the Center for Naval Leadership.

After leaving active duty, Jim joined the reserves and worked for a consulting company before starting a company of his own. In this interview, Jim talks about the struggles he has faced as an entrepreneur and how he has overcome them.

When you are writing the front of the check not the back of the check…when all of the sudden it’s your money and your career… your people become very important

Jim started Self Solutions because he believes there is tremendous amount of intelligence with in an organization. They have developed technology so that organizations can reduce their reliance on motivational speakers and consultants. They want to help companies pull that intelligence from within and also help them reduce risks. This video gives a good overview of what Self Solutions is working on.

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