Episode 47: Matthew Griffin, Co-Founder Combat Flip Flops, Former Army Ranger

Matt "Griff" Griffin, Former Army Ranger, CEO Combat Flip Flops

Matt “Griff” Griffin, Former Army Ranger, CEO Combat Flip Flops


Matthew “Griff” Griffin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Combat Flip Flops. Griff grew up in Iowa and graduated from West Point. He attended Ranger School and was assigned to Ft. Lewis, Washington. Griff was assigned to one of the Army’s first Stryker Battalions as a fire support officer.  He was later accepted into the 2nd Ranger Battalion and deployed multiple times to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Journey to Entrepreneurship

After Griff left the Army, he began work for a company doing business in Afghanistan. During one of his visits, he toured a combat boot factory and saw a combat boot sole made into a flip flop. At this point, Combat Flip Flops was born.

Combat Flip Flops currently has a campaign on VetLaunch to raise money in order to produce cashmere in Afghanistan. You can see the video here.

Griff had this to say about entrepreneurship:

Everyone looks at these cases of guys that are wildly successful right out of the gate. I will say that is the exception and not the rule…..The elevator to success is broken, you have got to take the stairs”

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